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It's what led me to helping women really understand who men are.

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I was totally unprepared for the changes that had taken place.She spoke of monogamy as being about sexual behavior only, saying, “My emotional connection to a partner is separate” and “My heart is not in my vagina.” I wanted to leave a comment until I got to the line “If you expect me to be monogamous, you need to f*#!me well enough to keep me focused on only you.” I was stunned. I believed myself to be an open person, but am a serial monogamist (one relationship at a time). if your sex life is lacking and then you introduce a third party, isn’t that just the beginning of the end of your relationship?A big obstacle to finding love after 50 happens when you're NOT putting yourself in places where you can be seen and found by available men on a DAILY BASIS!Men can't find you when you're hiding every night at home. In today's blog, I'm going to share the 11 types of men I found for you to date both online and offline.Assume nothing when you are entering into a new relationship.

Ask lots of questions beginning with how he feels about monogamy.

To put it mildly, the first three men that I dated after my divorce really confused the hell out of me.

(I’m a slow learner plus I’m a giver which has worse consequences than being a slow learner.) Although I understood that many men were not interested in commitment, the women’s movement had given women equality to pay the dinner bill, and texting was in vogue… I started documenting my experiences with the idea of writing a book to share with other women who were dating and lacking the tools necessary to be able to spot the difference between an honest man, a player and a con man. I moved into Boston six years ago and have evolved much since then.

I’ve enjoyed many of her blogs, find them interesting and thought- provoking.

Yesterday’s article, Are You 100% Sure Monogamy Is For You? Feminista Jones was all about having important conversations with your significant other regarding his truest feelings on monogamy and making sure you understand them and feel the same way.

My experiences have given me insights into human behavior that I had not fully understood.