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Vba application screenupdating false not working

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So, here my question is - Which one(/both) of Application.screenupdating/Application.visible should I set as false?

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I've got a massive bit of code running that takes 30+ mins to run and I have it set so that screen updates set to false while most of the code runs but every now and again I turn it to true and straight back to false. Close Set Destwb = Active Workbook ' do the stuff you want with this new workbook Destwb. Enable Events = True End With End Sub On a Mac in E2011 you see the screen updating, If there are problems with screenupdating code I love to hear them. Hi al When you use this test macro in Windows to avoid the problem that you can't copy grouped sheets with a Table in one of them you not see the screen flicker. Enable Events = False End With Set Sourcewb = Active Workbook 'Copy the sheets to a new workbook 'We add a temporary Window to avoid the Copy problem 'if there is a List or Table in one of the sheets and 'if the sheets are grouped With Sourcewb Set The Active Window = Active Window Set Temp Window = . Screen Updating = false" because I saw the yellow highlight go over the line in debug mode. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Application. Screen Updating from within the code instead of the immediate window, but I'm fairly sure what I'll find. This function gets called by an event handler that catches a Commands Bar button event (? Basically, we create a menu bar and one of the buttons in our custom "File" menu is labeled "Load Portfolio" which calls this function. I have encountered the same symptoms and can't think as to why it's happening. I think that maybe something has broken in my excel because even when I closed out of excel and opened a brand new 2003 workbook with no previous code I was getting the same problem. The interesting thing is that *some* of my modules allow Screen Updating to be set to False, there's only a few that don't.

However, I *can* change the Screen Updating from the immediate window. Screen Updating = False b Global Change Event = True Application. About to go home for the day, but I plan on trying to print Application. So while Screen Updating always is True in debug mode, this is not the issue for me.

Visible = False For Each File In Dir Set obj Workbook = obj Excel.

Screen Updating = Not optimize End With xl Sheets Speed , optimize End Sub Private Sub xl Sheets Speed(Optional By Val param Sheet As Worksheet, Optional By Val optimize As Boolean = True) If param Sheet Is Nothing Then For Each param Sheet In Application.

Screen Updating = True ' Enable to refresh screen Application.

Screen Updating = False ' Disable again ' Do more stuff here Application.

Here, the user does not require to see the processing or even the excel application window until work is complete and I want the work to be faster. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual End Sub Public Sub YK_End() Application.