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Val kilmer dating

In any case, he hates talking about the rumours of his brattish behaviour. 'I never cultivated any fame through who I knew,' he tells me.When I ask him about John Frankenheimer, there is an awkward moment of silence before he says wearily, 'What a shame. 'I never cultivated any sense of personality.'Hasn't he? The ranch house, he says, is 'an adobe and log cabin.

His teeth, in fact, are so good that they sometimes look unconvincing in the mouths of the venal, destructive characters he so often plays.At one point he says, 'It's a really weird thing, modern divorce. That was kind of weird.' Kilmer and Whalley met on the set of the 1988 film Willow; within months they were married. But their careers kept them apart, and Kilmer was 'linked' with other women.His older brother, Mark, said, 'I am convinced that Val will have trouble with relationships until he seeks help.' But he sought the wrong kind of help; he reportedly told a film company secretary that she had 'awakened a flame inside of [him] like no other woman.' When he found out that Whalley had filed for divorce, Kilmer was away from home, working on a film - he caught the news on CNN in his hotel room.In the film he wears a scrubby beard and looks sweaty and desperate throughout. ' It makes you wonder - how fed up does a director have to be to say that about his own film?He is, incidentally, very convincing.'I never cultivated a persona,' says Kilmer of his career. A leading actor has something extra that's fun to watch. This reputation for being difficult has followed Kilmer around for years.On the set of Tombstone the screenwriter Kevin Jarre told a reporter, 'There's a dark side to Val that I don't feel comfortable talking about.' When Kilmer was filming The Saint he was rumoured to have told the film crew to avoid eye contact with him. Because I've got to figure out a way.'Talking to Kilmer is slightly disconcerting.

When he played Jim Morrison in The Doors he reportedly requested that the crew address him as 'Jim'. Mostly he speaks in a slow, slightly scary drawl, like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Find her.' It turns out he's talking about the actress Scarlett Johansson - who, at the time of the interview, is in London to attend the Bafta ceremony.

It was only a matter of weeks since the birth of their second child, Jack.

Kilmer returns to the subject periodically during our conversation.

The late John Frankenheimer, who directed Kilmer in The Island of Dr Moreau, said afterwards, 'I will never climb Mount Everest and I will never work with Val Kilmer again.' At the end of Kilmer's last scene in the film, he is reported to have said, 'Cut! 'And this is nothing new: Kilmer walked off the set of his first job because he could not get into his character's motivation. But he is given to sudden, rather alarming, changes of subject. Why he wants me to find her is never quite explained.

The job was a television advertisement for hamburgers. He told the director he couldn't pretend to like the hamburgers he was advertising. 'If I'm demanding,' he has said, 'which I don't think I am, overly, it's for the good of the picture.' Note Kilmer's use of the word 'overly'. At one point he says, apropos of nothing in particular, 'Find Scarlett.'What? She's one actress Kilmer hasn't been 'linked' to, although he has been linked to all sorts of other women, often at the height of their celebrity - his ex-wife Joanne Whalley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daryl Hannah, Drew Barrymore, Elisabeth Shue, Cindy Crawford, and, of course, Cher, who saw him in a play when he was 24, fancied him, and anointed him as one of her toyboys.

He's definitely attractive, and he's definitely a good actor - just look at his portrayal of Jim Morrison in The Doors (1991), or his near-perfect performance as Robert De Niro's nasty henchman in Heat (1995). Why isn't he up there with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt? (1984), he played a rock star called Nick Rivers and spent ages growing into the role.