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Updating record in vb net

Save the Dataset Note: You should get a message at this point asking if you would like to copy a file to your project click Yes. Expand the clients table and highlight the Picture field and from the dropdown menu select Picture box. Navigate to the database file and select a picture.Now highlight the clients table and drag onto the form1. OK Then ' Load the specified file into a Picture Box control. Close the dialog box and press the save button on the Navigator strip, the picture will now be stored in the access database. Note: You may need to expand the picture box and play around with the settings to make the pictures look right.

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You should now have a Clients Table Adaptor in the Dataset with an SQL fill query at the bottom of the table which has been automatically generated. Expand the Dataset1 to show the clients table, highlight the clients table and from the drop down menu select details. File Name) End If End With End Sub This code is used for the open file dialog which we use to select the picture we want to show Run the application and press the load picture Button.You should see again textboxes, labels a picture box and a binding navigator appear on the form with the addition of a fill tool strip with a Last Name textbox and fill button. File Name) End If End With End Sub i am getting an error. It works until i close VB but it will not actually save the new information to the database Note: You should get a message at this point asking if you would like to copy a file to your project click Yes.Run the application press the Search and type a second name into the fill tool strip text box and press fill, you should have 1 record shown. OK Then ' Load the specified file into a Picture Box control. When I try to save a record i get the following message. Hi all just to say at this point in the tutorial if you click yes a reference of the database will be added to your project so the project will only access this and not your original database.Keep pressing next then Finish to exit the configuration wizard. Open the form2 tab and click into the datasource window to show the datasets 1 & 2.The SQL query should now look like this Fill, Getdata(Last Name) Note: If you require further filters just add more ? Again expand the Dataset2 and Highlight the Clients table, in the drop down menu select Details.And there you have it a fully functional database with possibly the smallest amount of code used which is the main aim of a good programmer. Filter = "All Files|*.*|Bitmap Files (*)|*.bmp;*.gif;*.jpg" . This is where I cant seem to figure out using 2008? "UPDATE REQUIRES A VALID DELETECOMMAND WHEN PASSED DATAROW COLLECTION WITH DELETED ROWS. If you click no then the project will use the database you originally created. hey great tutorial one problem how do i open or add the option to open a different database?

Although it is neccasary to add more code to to do conditional checks etc. Click Dim Open File Dialog1 As New Open File Dialog With Open File Dialog1 . and also when i add a new feild it counts backwards from 10 like i click add and the client id starts at -1 and it goes all weird email me at [email protected] p.s disregard last post problem fixed help on this one plz ^ | This post has been edited by anarcy: 22 November 2009 - PM Hi Arncy That is normal when you add a new row.

Create a table in design view and add 4 fields [Client ID] Data type = Auto Number.

Set this as the primary Key [First Name] Data type = Text [Last Name] Data type = Text [Picture] Data type = OLE Object Save the table with the name Clients.

Select Windows forms Application and name it Myaccess DB press OK. The next step is to add our data source to our project.

On the left-hand side of the IDE select the Database explorer window, right click on the Data Connections and select Add connection.

Private Sub Load Picture_Click(By Val sender As System. Again you will see the client table adaptor with the automatically create SQL fill query at the bottom of the table. In the query builder page scroll down to the last Name record and then scroll across to the input box that says filter, Place a ?