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Updating nxe from hdd

updating nxe from hdd-86

V3.11 - more thoroughly check display names in xcontent header if english name is not present (TODO: check if this applies on launch items too) - yet another correction to the dev kernel checks (thanks tydye and XDK!

updating nxe from hdd-12updating nxe from hdd-26

- added portugese translation - thanks to Spk Leader! v2.32 - fixed glitch jasper big block patch installer - reworked contpatch yet again, should perform equal to xm360 now (thanks node21!After this i placed a ISO of Xex Menu on a cd and started it in XNE, then i went to the 'installer', which i had placed into the 'emulators' map in FSD, and i loaded and started "default.xex".Now FSD3 started and everything seemed to be working fine.) - disables updaters (DA2 and other disks; safety) - minor tweaks to boot time delays, further improves on previous autologin issue v2.09 (beta) - moved strictly to C, much smaller DLL - correct bug with busy CON/sometimes ignoring ini for boot time default item - made boot time quick launch buttons more reliable - added 1s delay to resolve autologin at boot issue and slower USB hdd issues - patches updated to remove min version check (DA2) v2.08 - correcting for a glitch where launchdata should be cleared between titles but isn't; fixes launching some games twice in a row (thanks stk and FSD!) v2.07 - fixed media center extender (thanks jester and antman) ~hopefully this is the last whitelist option needed - added option "nosysexit" (thanks rhai) v2.06 - update to fbbuild 0.11 patches - fixed bug with fatal freeze options - changed installer to use zeropair CB version to determine patch set - added new options dvdexitdash and xblaexitdash (thanks Amy Grrl) - added regionspoof, dvdexitdash and xblaexitdash to ini updater - added instructions to this readme regarding boot time buttons and diagnosing non-ASCII ini files v2.05 - added AP25 xex priveledge filter (fix AC: B GOD/xex, maybe others) v2.04 - fixed a glitch with launching kinect games when a default item is set v2.03 - updated for 12611 v2.02 - added version info to data struct exported at ordinal 1 - made number of times button holds are scanned variable, longer window at boot time to sync controller and hold a button - added region spoofing for XGet Game Region - DVD video play from NXE now plays DVD regardless of default setting (thanks krizalid!) - new patch only operates on containers of type 000D0000 (XBLA) and 00000002 (ADDONS) of LIVE or PIRS types v2.31 - revert contpatch to older form - signnotice now defaults to FALSE/disabled - signnotice option should no longer wind up in network troubleshooter on 14717+ - add 14719 v2.30 - fixed uart debug output 0x D 0x A instead of 0x A 0x D - STOP code 0x2B can now output stack info - xex header revoke check (requires live to download revoke list) flag now ignored (hv and xam patch) - add 14717 v2.29 - expanded temp broadcaster to include PE Name and path of current title - added titleid and mediaid output to temp logger - fixed a bug in unhandled-exception handler (could cause freeze/multiple consecutive exceptions) - add title module PE name and path to exception log - contpatch completely rewritten, now takes over checking license bits entirely for xam when enabled (may break...

things, or allow some to work that shouldn't/crash) v2.28 - added com to weak blocklist - added *, *to strong blocklist - added glitch machine detection for xell Launch to launch on flash xell-1f - added xhttp auth patch for 14699 (thanks Anthony!

) V3.04 - kinect health message block fixed for 16197 - updated polish translation (thanks Pelcu!

) - fix CIV hook issue, may break some titles that use CIV (a gamy Call of Decay: Body Odor 2 now works) - lump updater version limit patch into noupdater option so it can be disabled - improved installers ability to prevent install on unsupported kernels (including devkit and unsupported retail versions) - installer will now only offer to update, if the embedded version is newer than currently running one V3.03 - some commented code made contpatch non-functional on untouched demo containers - added polish translation - add nohealth option, disables kinect health pseudo video at game launch - add autofake option, when enabled fakelive functionality is enabled during dash and indie games only (thanks Bio Hazard!

) - prevent too frequent polling for network address (should fix black screen on some consoles when ethernet disconnect helped) V3.09 - fix in update server for corona 16M consoles (thanks Danny Lane!

) - added exception logging to installer - fix some minor bugs - *known issue* some situations are causing a black screen when starting installer, it somehow seems to be related to USB devices and/or signed in profiles.

) V3.05 - add 16202 - update spanish translation (thanks gromber!