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Updating computer is almost complete

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We are getting a glimpse into the future if Microsoft persists with forced upgrades; the company needs to rethink its strategy immediately.

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There is no reboot problem because the machine will not boot at all and you cannot get far enough to even revert to the previous install.If Microsoft is going to constantly toy with the UI, then I am fearful.The company was completely stubborn about the idiotic start screen with Windows 8, forcing me and others to revert to products like Classic Shell so we could get an efficient experience. But now Microsoft—or factions within the company—want to slowly revert back to Windows 8, and the Anniversary Update was step one.Someone high up liked the UI and feels hurt by the Windows 10 compromise.But Microsoft has barely dodged a bullet with this cavalier upgrade process.To make things even more complex, this hodge-podge was running on an ecosystem of computers that were also all different.

That is probably why my recent Windows 10 update worked fine on one but did not "take" properly on my wife's machine, which went into endlessly rebooting.

The recent Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update ruffled more than a few feathers as many users are experiencing a reboot cycle.

These things are bound to happen when a company takes a cavalier attitude and constantly slipstreams updates.

Of course, this is only a suspicion, but the way the company defended the huge page of massive square icons and idiotic full-screen apps obviously reflected a corporate opinion.

The company refused to admit that the layout was crap, especially on a system with multiple monitors.

This is unlike the previous era of the neverending patch Tuesday.