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Updating a blu ray player

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Don't put the file in a folder, place it on the top level (root directory) of the USB drive.If you put the file in a folder the player wont find the update.

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Unfortunately, we’ve no plans to bring this functionality to older models.just got of the phone with sharp, this update won't fix the Wall-e problem they told me i would have to wait for another update that could be a month away or more, this is my second sharp player i've had in less than a year.taking my back to were i bought it for a refund and buying the Panasonic DMP-BD55 not to be a ass but when i want to sit down and watch a movie i want to sit down and watch a movie not to have to deal with these problems I bought the HP21 yesterday and a The Dark Knight BD.The player would not play the BD even after the 11/6/08 software update.- We update the software update to version 1.19 [PN9062300] to improve playability and correspond to the BDA certification.This update version also improves a playback problem in the following BD disc.Sorry to hear something’s going wrong with blinkbox Movies on your LG device.

Here are some issues customers sometimes experience with these TVs, Blu-ray players and set top boxes - and how to resolve them.

On this device, Talk Talk TV Store is currently still called 'blinkbox'.

Use the blinkbox app, and when asked to login to your account, use your Talk Talk TV Store credentials.

To do this: Some LG TVs might also download updates for you automatically.

Just look for an option called ‘Automatic Updates’ in the settings menu.

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