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Updating 3 52 m33

updating 3 52 m33-40

You dont need to take the battrey out, hold the power swith up for about 8 seconds and the PSP should turn off. I will only reply to Digiex related issues via PM, not general help requests. With the SNES emulator there a still bugs, although it might just be my emulator.I think you can downgrade if you go in to recovery mode and launch the installer for 3.90. XB1: Launch console - 500gb internal drive, 4tb external drive, not hacked Wii U: 8gb console - 64gb sd card, 128gb usb drive, permanent homebrew channel hacked PS4: Launch console - 500gb internal drive, firmware 1.76, homebrew capable and running Linux 3DS: XL - 64gb sd card - Hacked with ARM9Loader Hax running the Luma custom firmware 360: Jasper - 1tb drive - jtag hacked running the 17502 dashboard 360: Falcon - 500gb drive hacked with hddhackr, not flashed If you have a big memory card (I have an 8gig). It runs games slow like Super Mario RPG, Clay Fighters and some others I can't remember.

*Instruction on using the 1.5 Kernel Addon* Open the RAR folder, next will be the 1.5kerneladdon folder open it. PBP in the root of your memory stick (the first thing you'll see when you double click on the memory stick). *WARNING* If you use this you won't be able to use Location Free Player and Korean Text will no longer be availiable. Hold the R button and turn on the PSP, to go into recovery mode.Most homebrew apps, emulators, plug-ins & programs work best with it.I like 5.00m33-2 for two reasons, one of them being most PSX titles that didn't work do now & playstation O.O I tried to do Pandora's battery but I ran into a HUGE PROBLEM!!!!I can't do Pandora's battery on this because its not what it should be on the inside.I opened it up and its just a battery that it gray and I THINK its on the other side of the battery but I can't get to that side. *Sigh* Doesn't matter anymore, I threw that POS PSP battery away. I DID hack it though so would I need to pandora a new battery or could I just get a new battery and leave it be? I'm trying to use a Snes emulator, it has no sound.

I actually got it to work, I didn't know what I was doin' and I did something horribly wrong but I fixed it I removed the prong on the battery and some smoke came up but it worked but it lost its 50% charge and went to 0% and I had to charge it. So does anyone know a good PSP SNES emulator for Firmware 4.01 M33-2?

So I use IRshell and put on some music and then start up the emulator. Also if you want to use POPS, Playstaion emulator, i've seen that it seems to work perfectly on 5.00m33-6.

Oh yeah, I know some people don't want to upgrade because they won't be able to use some of the older homebrew, so this will help.

It worked fine for a while, then it just started doing this.

I've formatted my memory stick and even swapped it with other ones (both Sandisk and Sony) and it still happens.

Then you will get 2 different things one will be 150. Then go to Configuration, then go to Game Folder homebrew press X then it'll go from 5.