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Tia tequila dating show

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She is known to say many disturbing and outspoken things, like Paul Walker was actually murdered and defended Hitler in a blog post.

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But far be it from me to question the passions that stir Tila's heart and loins. The reason why Kanye West popped into the picture out of nowhere supporting Donald Trump is because I dropped my stupid Nazi ex bff and replaced him with my personal trainer who is a straight hood dude from Chicago within the last month so that left an impression on reality since I'm the matrix hacker! Just a month ago I was at the Funny how Kanye West (who's a rapper) is married to a reality star and met up with Donald Trump (who was also a reality star) who has a wife who used to be a nude model. I have always bewen one with a sword so they gave her a sword in the newest one coming out to better represent me! I understand it's a bit hard to take in the fact that a real Goddess/Avatar walks amongst mere mortals. Hell, they even used my name this time and I told ya'll I had already died.... Ya'll keep thinking I'm playing but I'm not! Because I already told ya'll that I am the new Queen/Goddess of this matrix!Tila Tequila (born Tila Nguyen in Singapore on October 24, 1981) is an outspoken model and TV personality.She began her career posing in men’s magazines like Playboy, Stuff and Maxim while also making a name for herself as a prominent My Space personality. Well, don't be so foolish to discount my claims now..... I told you guys that this matrix/world is just my reflection and it basically replicates me and my thoughts! She never had a sword before until now and do you know why that is???

Remember when people all laughed at me when I told everyone Donald Trump was gonna win? In the new Wonder Woman movie she actually has a sword.

Tila has appeared in several sex tapes, one in 2010 with two porn actresses and another 2014 with an ex boyfriend. K’s Celebrity Big Brother but was kicked out of the house after one day over viewer complaints about anti-semitic comments she made in 2013 as well as her praise of Adolf Hitler.

Tila was Playboy’s first Asian Cyber Girl of the Month in 2002.

In 2007, she got her own reality dating show on MTV, as A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila had the bisexual model choosing between 16 fame and 16 female suitors.

Tila has tried her hand as a recording artist, putting out numerous dance songs over the years but none of the made the music charts.

I'll leave that to You, the collective author of Wikipedia and its ilk, who has coined the term "My Space bisexual." The recreational lexicographers at Urban bring the utmost delicacy to defining the term: "A girl who makes out with other slutty chicks at parties and then claims to be bisexual because it's trendy to say so and gets people's attention on myspace." On Tuesday, the men—first up to bat and not yet filled in on the competing-with-lesbians angle—oozed into Tila's pleasure dome with many a barbarous hoot and hormonal wail.