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Tantric dating

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As Osho writes in; “Tantra says that when the ultimate bliss and ecstasy comes inside you, it means your own positive and negative pole have come to a meeting – because every man is both man and woman, and every woman is both is both man and woman.

Having wrapped my head around this, I was now ready to send out some serious digital fuck me eyes. A dreamy Vintner from Northern California (match 97%) was visiting the city and geo-locating attractive ladies using a feature called Quickmatch.We had also matched on Tinder, very equal opportunity in the cave-door knocking department. More importantly, it diminished the equal power of the male the female to ignite something.On Ok Cupid, we both had the same answer to the question “The most private thing you’re willing to admit? At its core Tantra is about expressing everything that “comes up,” including all that you feel.The discerning, thoughtful men weren’t sending messages to every chick on the site. This was going to require a serious shift in consciousness.So like everywhere else in my life, I decided to approach it from a spiritual perspective.” which was that we both loved reading Missed Connections. It’s about allowing ourselves to feel and express everything between two polarities.

It would never have you suppress anything for the sake of strategy or gain.

And that the fastest way for me to accomplish this was to bite the bullet and get online.

Almost immediately my inbox was flooded with hundreds of messages from dudes who: 1. Were clever but weren’t particularly attractive: “Multiple photos of you in leggings before 11am. Were so totally wrong for me (and also crazy, with really poor grammar): “So I was reading your profile and then I was like goddammit…this always happens every time, I’m reading some nice girl like your selfs profile and then I remember I didn’t check your diet…Bam!

At the end of the year, I met a lovely lawyer in LA who subsequently flew to New York City to woo me. He really had his shit together, but one night lying naked in bed he called me a “stallion” – and I knew as soon as he uttered that word that we weren’t a match. But to his credit, the dating experience was so positive it got me back in the saddle and over my fear of opening up my sacred sexual energy to a new partner.

I wanted to repeat it many times over with all different kinds of men.

I’m pretty sure I discovered the secret to online dating. I’m not talking about super-connected, total body orgasm, tantric sex.