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Stares c2c video chat

This was rather disconcerting, along with the fact that the airplane was perfectly white, with no markings whatsoever.We talked about this, my own stationary UFO sighting, and what might be happening to witnesses of weird stuff.

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The smell connects many seemingly disparate phenomena (such as UFOs and Bigfoot.) Something definitely wants to be noticed.They heard me complain about a lack of first person paranormal experience amongst researchers, or specifically, myself.To that end, they devised a psychic influencing experiment to see if they could affect the content of the shows by concentrating on a theme.Sitting on the roof of our hotel, we discussed the events of that weekend and just about anything else that came to mind while we had a few beers and Tim tried to get a hookup on Tinder.We also talked about who can claim the title of “most influential ufologist,” praised the organizers of the conference for their non-dogmatic stance, and apparently annoyed some other guests of the hotel.Michael brought up a forward thinking researcher I hadn’t heard about in years and who was making these connections 20 years ago: a guy who called himself “Brother Blue.” We called for people to get personally involved with the phenomenon in whatever way they can and then, and most importantly, get back to us and others with their reports and findings. Illustration by RPJ from Nick can say whatever he wants to on my show and he did. Bender and his occult interests and experiences, and a bit about his involvement with alchemy, of all things.

The subject of fairy lore came up, and some of the similarities to aspects of visits from the Women In Black.

The witness, (who wishes to remain anonymous, and along with 3 others) reported seeing a passenger aircraft flying dangerously low over the British countryside.

As they approached closer, they realized that the object appeared to be hanging perfectly still in mid-air.

Aaron also performed his soon-to-be-famous impressions of legendary UFO researcher and Men In Black originator Albert K. Photo – Shag Harbour crash site visit with Tim, Aaron, and Paul. We started off with a little shop talk about writing books and how great it is to see something you have been working on for so long finally show up in reality.

Josh told me the funny story of how he came up with the title and we jumped into a discussion about smells and UFOs and other weirdness.

New idea: Occasional pop-up RM episodes dealing with current topics.