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Speed dating city bristol

This event was filmed for the BBC Inside out program and a 10 minute piece was shown on BBC 1 in the Bristol area.

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Speed dating is about getting to the point straight away - asking those questions which matter but which on a normal date might take hours to ask and you literally give marks on what you think of the people you meet.Smart Dating UK runs speed dating nights in Bristol and Cheltenham about once a week.They're aimed at people in their 20s and 30s (sometimes those in their 40s too) and cost £20.If they in turn have enjoyed talking to you we can match you up.This is great news if you lead a busy lifestyle and just don’t have time to find true love in bars or clubs in Bristol.We've had some fantastic feedback from our speeddating parties; here are just some of them.

"Speed dating is just like having 20 something blind dates in one night.

The best bits being that you can get rid of the ones you don't like after a matter of mere minutes, and never have to see or hear from them again. Either too busy to meet the right people, too shy, or just looking to meet others in a relaxed and natural way.

The ones you do fancy/would like to see again, you'll get their email addresses. Held in stylish bars, speed dating events offer a safe environment, and you won't find yourself chatting up a married man, an engaged woman, or a dodgy character.

To encourage people to sign up early, some tickets are free, then cost from £5, £10, £15 up to £20, just like low-cost airline pricing policies.

Maggy Blagrove, one of the people behind She He - and a similar venture for late 30s and over 40s called The Cosmopolitan Club - said the idea was to dispel the stigma of being single.'Lively community'News | Sport | Weather | Talk Bristol | Made in Bristol | Going Out entertainment guide | City Views Write to us: BBC Bristol website, Regional Newsroom, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LRTelephone : Calls strictly for this website only PLEASE do not call for any other reason!

She He is a new singles night for 20s and 30s in Bristol and Bath.