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The dictators are always reelected with nearly 100 percent of the vote.

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Thus, Abbas was conservatively estimated by al-Jazeera to have received the support of only about one-third of the eligible voters.That can be the beginning of the process of democracy.” To move closer to true democracy, Abbas will also have to remove his predecessor’s restrictions on the freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and the press.Then perhaps the next election will be truly free and democratic.The day of the election, gunmen stormed the Committee offices to demand that Palestinians who were not registered be allowed to vote.The deputy chairman of the Committee, Ammar Dwaik, said he “was personally threatened and pressured” and confirmed that some voters were able to remove from their thumbs the ink that was supposed to prevent double voting.The route of the fence must take into account topography, population density, and threat assessment of each area.

To be effective in protecting the maximum number of Israelis, it also must incorporate the largest communities in the West Bank.

MYTH “Israel is building the security fence as part of a land grab to control the West Bank and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.” The purpose of the security fence is the prevention of terror.

Its route has been carefully plotted to maximize the security it provides to the citizens of Israel and minimize the inconvenience and harm to Palestinians.

The election process went smoothly and, despite Palestinian predictions of Israeli interference, international observers reported that Palestinians were not obstructed by Israel from participating in the election.

In fact, Palestinian and Israeli officials were said to have worked well together to facilitate voting.

According to a study by a team of independent researchers, the 2004 Palestinian-Arab population was closer to 2.4 million than to the 3.8 million cited by the PA.