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Opened and run by the owners of Evil Twin Brewing, those crazy Danish alchemists of fantastically creative beer, Torst eschews the bullshit nicely, and instead keeps your focus squarely on the beer.

Located inside a former tire shop, Mission Dolores (from the Bar Great Harry team) kills it with an excellent, and usually very local, beer selection in what is arguably the most unique atmosphere on this list, considering you’re drinking your beer inside a garage.Wander into Bar Great Harry and you’ll find one of the most relaxed beer bars in Brooklyn, coupled with a superb draft list that rotates on a very consistent basis, making every visit a unique experience.Plus, and we can’t emphasize this enough, it’s got several pinball machines.It’s the kind of place you can stroll into any night of the week and leave all pretense behind.It goes without saying that Torst is trendy, but the staff here still keeps it refreshingly simple in their approach to a great beer bar.A relative underdog on our list, Keeley’s is more than deserving of some love. We would normally end it there on the hard sell for any bar sporting a great beer selection, but Covenhoven deserves more.

Quality pub food, nicely positioned TVs, unlimited salty popcorn, and an absolutely inspired tap list with a local focus make it a friendly hangout for anyone looking for a great pint, a football game, and an even better conversation. A relative newcomer on the Brooklyn beer scene in the past few years, what Covenhoven lacks in front-of-the-house seating, it more than makes up for in amazing tap takeovers (think seriously rare stuff, like a relatively recent takeover from The Bruery featuring more than 20 of its barrel-aged and experimental offerings) and one of the most eclectic draft towers in the city.

The modern definition of what makes the best beer bar is, at best, a moving target.

It’s an even more formidable task in New York City, where modern beer-focused bars and restaurants seem to be as ubiquitous as your favorite corner bodega (which are, sadly, vanishing).

Plus, and we love this from a tasting perspective, they’re all offered in three different sizes so you don’t have to commit to a pint if you’re aiming for more variety during your visit.

Keeley’s is a mainstay and a gem in a neighborhood distinctly lacking in quality beer-focused bars and restaurants.

Queens is absolutely bursting at the seems with beer bars and taco trucks these days, which is just fine with us (after all, it’s science that tacos are the best tasting food after a night out), and Judy & Punch hits all the right buttons.