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Taking notes and writing Taking of property Taking off Taking off on Taking on scheme in eastern China Taking one Taking one's sweet time Taking one's time on the Taking out Taking out the garbage, e Taking out the trash, for Taking part in tiebreaker hasn't lost - it's working Taking place in Taking potshots Taking potshots (at)Taking radical action Taking shape Taking the blue ribbon Taking the booby prize Taking the dimensions of Taking the edge off Taking the place (of)Taking time off Taking time off work Taking too much Taking too much, briefly Taking tube north, start to have some insight Taking turns? Taking in too little Taking leading role in Beethoven's Fifth Taking liberty Taking minimum time in celebration of French produce?

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Takes exception to Takes five Takes for a home, perhaps Takes for a ride Takes for granted Takes form Takes heed Takes hold of quickly Takes home Takes home, as salary Takes home, in a way Takes in Takes in or lets out Takes in or out Takes in recent events Takes in, for example Takes in, say Takes issue with Takes it easy Takes it slow Takes little steps Takes more Time? Takes no chances Takes nothing in Takes off Takes off faster, so leaves behind …Takes off life support? Take umbrage at Take under one's wing Take unlawfully Take unnecessary risks Take up Take up again Take up again, as a case Take up again, e.g. Take-out sign Take-out words Takeaway game Takeback, briefly Takei's "Star Trek" role Taken Taken aback by a boring legal document, one listing goods Taken advantage of Taken around the track Taken away by force, old-Taken back, as territory Taken by force, old-style Taken care of Taken for Taken for granted Taken for ___Taken illegally Taken in Taken out Taken things a bit too fa Taken together Taken wing Taken wrong? This is a good laugh, taking top off Take train stations by fo Take turns Take turns? Take ___ (break)Take ___ (doze)Take ___ (drop off briefl Take ___ (glance)Take ___ (go swimming)Take ___ (look)Take ___ (lose big)Take ___ (lose one)Take ___ (rest)Take ___ (sample some)Take ___ (snooze)Take ___ (swing hard in b Take ___ (swing hard)Take ___ (travel)Take ___ (try some)Take ___ (try)Take ___ account Take ___ at Take ___ at (attempt)Take ___ at (criticize)Take ___ at (insult)Take ___ at (try)Take ___ breath Take ___ down memory lane Take ___ for the worse Take ___ from Take ___ from (copy)Take ___ from someone's b Take ___ in the right dir Take ___ look at Take ___ of (sample)Take ___ of absence Take ___ sign Take ___ stride Take ___ view of Take, as a course Take, as a life Take, as an airline Take, as an exam Take, as oral arguments Take, as tea Take, as testimony Take, as the throne Take, at a concert Take, finally Take-charge kind of guy Take-home Take-home amount Take-home for Bowser Take-home pay Take-home? Takeoff point for many a Takeoff site Takeoff spot for many a t Takeoff stat: Abbr. Takeoffs Takeout Takeout alternative Takeout choice Takeout lunch provider Takeout option Takeout sign? Take up enthusiastically Take up room Take up team oddly lacking support Take up the entire sofa Take up the slack Take up weapons Take up wholeheartedly Take up, as a hem Take up, as a leg Take up, perhaps Take vengeance Take wing Take your pick Take your pick? Taken ___Taken ___ (surprised)Taken, slangily Taken-aback response Takeoff Takeoff and landing overs Takeoff artist Takeoff guesstimate: Abbr Takeoff locale Takeoff or touchdown site Takeoff place? TT formation participant T in a fraternity T on a test T or C follower T or F, e.g.: Abbr. T-shirt sizes, in short T-shirt specification T-shirt style T-shirt? Tale of a frightening enc Tale of a hellish trip Tale of a journey Tale of a tiny bellower?

T ___ tiger T'ai ___ ch'uan T'ang dynasty poet T, for one T, in physics T-bar or Z-bar T-bar sights T-bone or porterhouse T-bone, e.g. T-shaped pullover T-shirt category T-shirt material T-shirt size: Abbr. Taking up correct flower's variation Taking up home improvement, senior got into it but right away gave up Taking way too many meds Talc target Tale Tale end Tale of a cease-fire?

Take out membership Take out of the freezer Take out of the game Take out old religious pamphlet Take out or in Take out or put in, e.g.

Take orders, in a way Take out Take out china after priest comes round at home Take out for the shelves, Take out for ___Take out for ___ (test-dr Take out lines?

Take place Take pleasure (in)Take pleasure in Take post-battle inventor Take potshots Take potshots (at)Take quickly Take responsibility for a misdeed Take risks Take root Take second Take serious risks Take seriously Take shape Take sides? Take some pressure off Take someone's wheels fro Take steps Take stock of Take stock?

Take out surgically Take out ___ (borrow)Take out, maybe Take over Take over for Take over for, as a pitch Take over from Take over, in a way Take pains Take part in Take part in public protest Take pictures of heads?

Take the chance Take the conn Take the edge off Take the edge off?