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This should only be used as a last resort, as this is illegal and these cards can easily be switched off when detected.In 2016 the regulator has started disconnecting unregistered mobile subscribers, which failed to submit their fingerprints in line with the new security measures introduced in September 2015.

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But most social media or messenging through Twitter or Whats App are not restricted and Vo IP calls through Skype remain accessible for now.Starter pack is for 30 SR and gives 1 GB per month for 12 months as a bonus. These starter packs are sold: Mobily, partly owned by Etisalat, is the 2nd provider in Saudi-Arabia.For recharging you can't use STC vouchers, but only special "Jawwy from STC" vouchers. These packages can be booked on the SAWA prepaid card and are up to 3G speeds valid for 1 month in the first table: To activate a package, text code to 902. Their data-only SIM for tablets and modems is called "QUICKnet" SIM. It still gives good coverage and speeds in populated areas.Jawwy (from STC) STC has launched “Jawwy from STC" in May 2016 with a new customer care model and totally new plans.A new Jawwy SIM is necessary to use the service, but customers will be able to keep their current numbers.Everything is centered around the Jawwy app that allows to build, share and manage the plan in real time, instead of buying packages.

The app offers a simple way for customers to activate services without calling customer support or visiting a store.

The regulator said the fingerprint registration is meant to protect personal information of SIM cardholders and prevent buyers from obtaining mobile phones using fake or stolen ID cards.

All unregistered users will have a grace period of two weeks to submit their details, before the service is cut.

All providers offer special offers for the annual Hajj season.

Saudi Arabian internet is filtered through a content filter.

In a tightening of laws you are expected to give your fingerprints too from 2015.