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Sandara and top dating

The episode received attention as girl group KISS, who disappeared after releasing hit track Because I′m a Girl, made an appearance.KISS answered questions about the group′s disbandment after only 5 months and asked Davichi, Sandara Park and other girl group members, "Do agencies still implement dating bans?

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" Sandara Park laughed and answered, "I am going to date a lot now." Additionally, KISS shocked the audience when they revealed that the group disbanded after member Mini was caught secretly dating when the agency had set a dating ban.I’m indeed SM biased so I tend to know much more about SM stuff than other companies.No I don’t know anything about Infinite, teen top, mblack, block b.So here they are:“Before it goes any further, I just want to remind you all that this is purely based on my friend’s opinion and perspective.I won’t say it will be 100% right or accurate or objective (because she also dislike or being biased towards some idols).Photo credit: JTBC ′Sugar Man′ screen capture′Any copying, republication or redistribution of enews World's content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from enews World.

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Clearly trying to hide their relationship lol YES Vic dated Changmin sometime but I’m not sure when it was.

I heard that she broke up with Kyuhyun and dated Changmin but then went back to Kyuhyun. But it’s CERTAIN that she dated Changmin It’s Shih Min Ah.

TOP was even caught sneaking into Shin Min Ah’s house and getting out of her house in midnight.

When YG wass asked if top was dating her, they said yes, then Shin Min Ah’s company said no so YG quickly switched their statement and said no but it was too late.

They are not blaming her, they’re just shocked.”I’ll give you a hint: Shisus left very obvious clues on his TWITTER when he broke up with his last girlfriend. And Yesung’s last girlfriend was a very famous celebrity : D = ??