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Rutorrent rss not updating

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Do test your setup properly before configuring the plugin to autodownload!

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In fact, it's so similar that most of you will be able to pick it up in a matter of seconds. Clicking any of these when a single or many torrents are selected will either Start, Pause, or Stop them.For instruction on how to change the settings of the Screenshots plugin click To set up automatic downloading via IRSSI first click on the green download sign up top.We will start by setting up the filter to tell the autodownloader what files to download and what files to avoid. Copy your pass/auth key from the tracker you wish to set up.For a more thorough explanation of the file explorer check the tutorial.To backup/save your user data or torrents click on the button on the top of the rutorrent window as seen below.Please consult this tutorial for a more detailed overview of the syntax and usage examples (thanks to user drunkpitbull).

OTHER OBSERVATIONS If you auto-installed ru Torrent from the software manager page, the default feed update interval is set to 30 min.

You may need to upload the files to your seedbox first using can be found on the upload page of the tracker you wish to upload to. If you will be uploading the torrent to a private tracker check “Private torrent”.

If you want to start seeding the torrent immediately after creating it check “Start seeding”. After it finishes the Save button will save it to your hard drive.

This is a basic tutorial on the file explorer plugin.

For a more thorough explanation check the File Explorer tutorial.

To access the File Explorer click the Explorer tab on the bottom pane of the ru Torrent window.