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Boot camp failed to mend his ways, however, and Dodd was AWOL at the time of his June 6, 1982 arrest for asking a nine- year-old boy to disrobe in Richland, Washington.En 1992, the state of Washington hanged Dodd for those murders.According to his handwritten "Sexual History," Dodd began preying on children at age 13.His started his first lecturer position at Roehampton University, London, 2004-2007 and continued to a second lectureship position at the department of Archaeology, University College Cork, Ireland (2007-2012).In October 2012 he started his new position as Associate Professor at the School of Archaeology University College Dublin/Conway Institute.In all, he abused as many as 175 children of both sexes, mostly boys, over a 15- year period.

Dodd said he moved from exposing himself to fondling victims to sexually assaulting them and, finally, to sexually sadistic murder.

He pled guilty on that charge in January 1983, and served a total of thirty days before he was released to seek court-ordered counseling. With the courts permission, Dodd went to live with his father in Lewiston, Idaho, where he signed up for another out-patient program and was said to be making some progress.

His June 1984 arrest for molesting a nine-year-old boy would suggest that counselors were mistaken in their assessment of Dodd.

He tried to grab a 6-year-old boy in the men's room of a movie theater, but the boy struggled and screamed for help until a passer-by rescued him.

Westley Dodd was a predator who fell through the cracks of an inefficient, overburdened legal system, graduating from relatively harmless acts of exhibitionism to the depths of sadistic child molestation and murder before he was finally caged and condemned.

Dodd got off easy that time, since the witness had not seen his face, and the experience taught him to seek his pleasure further afield.