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P2p guardian not updating

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Typically, Windows updates and apps are delivered directly from Microsoft servers to end user’s computers.P2P delivery method may not be favored by all people, such as users who are in broadband connection that has limited bandwidth, or on slow Internet connection, or for users in enterprises and corporations which may use other management solutions to perform the patching, such as System Center Configuration Manager, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Windows Update for Business.

Program options: You can enable or disable Peer Block at will.By default, P2P update downloading is turned on by default.The tutorial below will guide you on how to turn off the P2P downloading so that updates and apps are only coming from one place, that’s Microsoft, or computers within the same local network.If you’ve ever read or heard about ordinary people being sued for downloading files from torrent or other p2p networks, and worried about your own downloading activities, this program is for you.Typically, agencies that are out to detect people’s downloading activity will actually take part in providing the file for download, then attempt to find out as much information about the computers that connect to them as possible.You can also set up your own lists if you are so inclined as well as use Peer Block to block custom IP ranges that you set up (such as the IP range of entire countries). Peer Guardian: Peer Block is based on the code from Peer Guardian (v. I would recommend using Peer Block because it (a) is under development; (b) does not suffer from the kind of bugs that Peer Guardian had, (c) most importantly, runs on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 without hitch. The verdict: Convenient, easy to use, and might just save your bacon. Version Tested: 1.0 r181Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

You can allow or disallow IP filtering for HTTP access as well (i.e. Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 800K).

It works much in the same way as a virus killer program in that it is constantly updating the lists of known “bad” IP addresses, even as more of these come into existence.

What kind of protection to expect: In keeping with the virus killer analogy above, Peer Block will not necessarily protect you from the latest unknown threat or bad IP, but it will greatly decrease your chances of being detected.

How it works: What Peer Block does is it taps into publicly available lists that classify IP addresses in order to simply avoid “bad” IP addresses.

It utilizes the collective wisdom of communities and sites that classify IP addresses (go here for more on where these lists come from).

Peer Block is an open source IP filtering application partially based on the Peer Guardian code.