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Nude flirt sites

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As a woman, it was a welcoming, yet a touch overwhelming (even without pictures, I had messages flowing in minutes after signing up); the folks I spoke with said the guys outnumber the gals 25:1, or more.Still, the layout was pleasing and fun to use, and the features intuitive.

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The site focuses heavily on the 'naughty' side of dating, although a significant number of men I spoke with were looking for marriage.Note that, you're still going to get (constant, in my case) emails from the site every time someone even looks at your profile, unless you go to your profile name (top right corner) My Account -- Change Settings.I have yet to find a way to turn off all member 'notices'.While women can access all of the features of the site for free, they need to first confirm their identity.You can choose between a quick text, phone call or credit card confirmation, and then you'll need to plug in the confirmation code to gain 'free lifetime communication'.Once on the site, women get a good-looking guy asking them to send a message to their top 10 matches, with a pre-chosen subject line - all of which are racy and openly flirtatious. By skipping all but the email page, I finished 8% of my profile.

I then perused my mailbox, which after only a few minutes on the site, had two emails (one a welcome message from the site) and one admirer. I posted zero pictures, and shared nothing about myself other than my birth date.

Flirt is a fun, easy-to-use dating site for adults primarily looking for casual relationships.

Ample members (at least in my case), decent pricing, and some unique features make it recommended, just make sure you try out the site first (check out the costs in your area, see how many users fit your wants) before signing up with a contractual billing agreement.

My favorite part of the site was the ' Trusted' feature, viewable on select profiles from search.

Those folks have confirmed their identity (and in men's cases, paid for access as well).

Female members can access all levels of the site, free of charge.