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Finstad has tested different found arrowheads, shooting them at an already-dead reindeer.

J[...]Moving and purchasing a vacation home in Belize can seem very challenging, however with the right information the process is not as difficult as it may initially appear.This is one of the reasons why the archaeologists are here today.“The oldest finds here are around 6000 years old,” says Finstad, “which means that there’s been hunting here for at least that long.”He says that over 500 trapping pits have been recorded in Sjødalen in Jotunheimen.The pits are holes in the ground that have been covered with twigs and moss.Prior to your move, you may have already determined whether you will need finan[...]To be frank, no cruise ship visitor can get a taste of how spectacular Belize is from a day trip or shore excursion, especially if you are docked off Belize City.The country's diverse cultures, wildlife, tropical rainforests, caves, mountains and [...]Our Belize News Page brings together in one page the latest news updates aggregated from the leading newspapers, radio and television stations in Belize.The larvae grow under the skin and create ugly sores on the reindeer when they emerge in early summer.

In the snowy heights where the air is too cold for the flies, reindeer can find a reprieve from them.

“The hunters stood at fairly close range and shot the arrows from different positions on the glacier,” he said.“We stood maybe ten meters away when we tested them out.

Several of our shots severed the backbone, so it had would have killed the animal instantly,” he adds.

This is your complete, independent guide to planning a vacation to Belize, moving here, living the storied expat life in the Caribbean, doing business or just researching and getting answers to questions on almost anything you may want to know about this jewel of a country.

Belize is a democratic, English and Spanish speaking nation, once known as British Honduras. [Read More]Arran and Alison Bevis’s relationship with beautiful Belize is a tropical fairytale all of its own.

“Look, there come the reindeer,” says archaeologist Elling Wammer as he stands looking down the snowfield.