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No protocol error while validating xml

no protocol error while validating xml-76

To enable recognition of IDN names, you must specify element in the application configuration file.The following code example shows a configuration used by the Uri class to support parsing of International Resource Identifiers (IRI) and support for IDN names.

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Use the Pipeline XSLT transform component to apply XSLT transforms in a pipeline or create a . Document filters are applied only to documents that have been configured for change tracking.If the AOS runs under the NETWORK SERVICE account, you must grant permissions for that specific account.For example, granting full permissions to Everyone will not enable the file system adapter to access the files in the directory or network share accessed by the file system adapter if the AOS runs under the NETWORK SERVICE account.This record may cause a warning to be displayed if you reinstall web services on IIS.You can manually delete the record from the Aif Websites table or simply ignore the warning.For example, you can use an XSLT in a pipeline if you want to log the various document versions that are the result of transformations.

You can receive this error message when the timeout value specified in the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) configuration is exceeded.

When you define a required element as part of a data policy, you must also select Validate document XML on the Processing options Fast Tab of the integration port.

When XML validation is disabled, AIF does not apply data policies, which may cause unexpected results in some scenarios.

You must then add, as a user, the domain account for all AOS instances that require access.

If you activate or deactivate an integration port, all integration ports on the instance of AOS are reactivated.

This may be because of either a contract mismatch (mismatched Actions between sender and receiver) or a binding/security mismatch between the sender and the receiver.