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Nick zinner dating

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Pourtant, Nick Zinner est un élément fondamental de la musique des Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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Why the shift from travel and documentary pictures to personal things? Yeah, a “visual colonialist.” Oh man, is that a quote? Edward Said talks about all this in his essay “Orientalism.” But that’s such an empty aesthetic, because what’s exotic to one person is totally normal to another. Even the crowd photos at Yeah Yeah Yeahs shows feel that way to me. All those crowd pictures are about places and events that only could have happened at that time with that collection of people. Yeah, into an apartment with a friend of mine who I was playing in a band with.Particulièrement fidèle en amitié, le guitariste des YYY a pour l’occasion reformé Challenge of the Future.Soit le groupe formé avec ses amis au temps où Zinner étudiait au Bard College de New York.Yeah, but then there was also a requirement at my school that you take a month off and do something productive with your life, for academic credit.So I went traveling around Europe with a friend of mine.Read Full Story Nick Zinner (born December 8, 1974) is the guitarist for the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

He also contributed to the soundtrack for the film "Where the Wild Things Are." Find more pictures, news and articles about Nick Zinner here.

The Patrick Daughters-directed music video for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new single "Despair" is both epic and surprisingly literal, with the band rocking out atop the Empire State Building at dawn as Karen O sings about some sun needing to rise.

Co-produced by Noisey, the video is actually the first ever to be shot at the World's Most Famous Building."There's been a lot of career highs and lows over the years of being in a band, but in the end, how many can say they shot a video on the top of the...

I never really think about the whole aspect of presenting photos to people. It’s basically the idea of a photo as a film still. So that makes me wonder if being a photographer makes you alter your behavior when you’re out in the world. Does that element of looking for some kind of dangerous or strange situation apply to photos of your friends too?

I had that show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise last year or six months ago – whenever – when I put up 500 photographs. But if you’re too conscious of the decisive moment, you’re not going to get it because you’re going to photograph every moment, you know what I mean? Do you try and put yourself certain places because you’re a photographer? I don’t really like to think of myself as a photographer, but I have put myself into really stupid situations much sooner then I should, just to see if I can get a good photo out of it. Is it about having the late night, being there when people are going to extremes? Extreme behavior is always the most interesting and the most fun []. Even though I should have hit him, it was definitely an awakening.

Après la parution du très costaud , le guitariste de 38 ans a annoncé la sortie d’un single un peu spécial. Tous les bénéfices engendrés par la vente du morceau seront reversés à une association.