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Network timing out when updating ipod

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The most recent update, i OS 10.2, was released on December 12, 2016 Apple i OS did not have an official name until the release of the i Phone software development kit (i Phone SDK) on March 6, 2008.Before then, Apple marketing literature simply stated that their i Phone runs a version of OS X, a reference to i OS' parent operating system. It was renamed i OS on June 7, 2010, as, with the introduction of the i Pad, and the existence of the i Pod Touch, the i Phone was no longer the only device to run the mobile operating system.

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i OS 4.0 was announced to have over 1500 new APIs for developers, with the highly anticipated multitasking feature.The 4.2 version sequence continued for the CDMA phone while 4.3 was released for all other products On June 6, 2011, Apple previewed i OS 5, Apple TV 4.4 beta and the i OS SDK 5 beta along with i Cloud beta among other products.This update introduced i Message chat between devices running i OS 5, a new notification system, Newsstand subscriptions, Twitter integrated into i OS, Reminders app, Enhancements to Air Play, full integration with i Cloud and over 200 new features.As of i OS 4.0, Apple no longer charges money for i Pod Touch updates.As of October 23, 2011, two versions of i OS were never released.i OS 4 was the first major release to reflect this change.

In June 2007, Apple released the first version of what became i OS – concurrently with the first i Phone.

provides updates to the i OS operating system for the i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod Touch through i Tunes and since i OS 5.0, over-the-air software updates.

With the announcement of i OS 5.1 on June 6, 2011, a USB connection to i Tunes was no longer needed to activate i OS devices; data synchronizing can happen automatically and wirelessly through Apple's i Cloud service.

June 17, 2009, was the release date for i Phone OS 3.0.

For i Phones and i Pod touches, i Phone OS 3 was updated through (and including) version 3.1.3 (released February 2, 2010).

i OS 5.0 supports all i Pad models, i Phone 3GS, i Phone 4 GSM & CDMA, i Phone 4S, and the i Pod Touch (3rd & 4th generation).