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Mobile dating service british columbia

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I agree with some of the other comments people have stated about Executive Search dating. All they could tell me was how attractive I was and how easy it would be to match me up. The few people they were able to introduce me to clearly were not professionals.

I joined Executive Search Dating in Vancouver British Columbia and was charged $1600.00 with a promise of receiving 15 quality matches within 12 months.If you had a real case you would go to the BBB and not be complaining in an internet forum. Why not spend your time constructively and go find a date yourself.Executive Search Dating is a complete scam, it is just clever marketing with no substance.These people stand out as they clearly dont care and arent interested as they didnt pay to sign up. The owner met with me to discuss further and here is a brief of the conversation: - He mentioned that they do NOT provide any ‘discount’ and that all members were paying the FULL price - He asked me what could he do for me to sign up ‘today’ and I answer: 6 months for $1300.The number of matches in my experience was also very low, way below what they promise you. - Then he replied: ‘what makes you hesitate’ for the full membership: and I answered that I did not know what I was getting for that amount of money.I paid $1600 in Oct 2008 I was promised at least 7 dates a year I had ONE date in 4 months and it was a poor match. Other people dont care about what exactly you are looking for, even if you pay them. Do NOT go to a match maker, cos there are no refunds, and you are NOT gona get what you think you are paying for. I’m a lawyer and quite busy so I did find the process to be a good fit for my work schedule.

No, not all of the dates were great matches, but I did find all of them to be quality people.

They told me what a perfect match I was for their clientele etc... Please take if from me who was too gullible by their sales pitch - Save your money, you can't get your money back as they want you to pay for the year up front.

After signing away a contract and my money, I only got 1 match in 2 months, they kept on selling their well rehearsed speech about quality vs. Obviously their pool of people is very small because the match Executive Search Dating introduced me to was clearly not even close to my request. I was hoping to meet single white men from 35-50yrs that were physically active and enjoyed the arts. Do not sign up for Executive Dating's expensive, no dates, no matches to your criteria, no follow ups, suppose to be 1 or 2 dates per month - my last date was 5 months ago and not even close to my "perfect" match!! I wish someone posted the truth before I made the mistake and wasted money in signing up.

They matched me with a man that had obvious physical problems and clearly could not do any sports. (More like they match any male and female together and say "well this is 1 date") Very frustrating to be paying $200 month to get 0 dates a month - why am I paying them for??? I wanted to share my experience with Executive Search Dating as well… So much so, in fact, that I am getting married to the woman of my dreams who I met through Executive Search Dating earlier this year.

So I started talking to friends and colleagues about how I was basically ripped off by Executive Search Dating and they all suggested the same thing, cut your ties and cancel my membership with them. They con you into thinking they have 3 or 4 perfect matches right NOW when you go for your interview, then they pull files and tell you they already found your perfect matches and read a bogus description of your "match", then you get suckered into signing up and those 3 or 4 perfect matches weren't even available for a date!!! I joined Executive Search Dating last fall and generally really enjoyed the process overall.

I gave them detailed information on what my criteria is, nothing too ambitious...someone smart, down-to-earth, good career, active, etc. For instance I told them I preferred women who were at least 5'-6" tall since I am tall, they kept matching me with women who were 5'-2"?