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Now, why these teams would put their “retro” logos on futuristic uniforms speaks volumes of how poorly this whole thing was planned.

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As soon as I passed through the turnstiles, however, I knew what was up when fans were presented with souvenir caps.By Phil Hecken Twelve years ago tonight, I watched a baseball game with my dad (and as it would turn out, it would be the last Mets game we ever attended together), between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Mercury Mets. That’s right, twelve years ago, on this very evening, I had the “pleasure” of witnessing what could very well have been the worst uniform matchup EVER, certainly between two baseball teams.You see, twelve years ago, the Mercury Mets played the Pittsburgh Pirates in Shea Stadium.The good thing for the caps was that the league all uses the same name and numbering, so SJ just did up all the jerseys for them. We were asked for the jerseys and in return, we got a team golf shirt to wear during the game and got to keep, we also got our jersey back at the end of the game, worn, numbered, signed by the player and very sweaty. The brainstorm of MLB (in partnership with, I believe, Century 21), based off the popularity of a “one-time” 1998 game between the Mariners and the Royals, “Turn Ahead The Clock” games were played between twenty of the major league’s 30 teams in 1999.

I won’t recite the promotion for you — a much better scribe than I already did so three years ago.

Somewhere over the years, I lost that cap — and I’m not so sure that’s not a bad thing.

The game itself was a bit of a blur, but 87-year old Orel Hershiser started and got creamed, giving up a homer on like the first pitch.

We’re also waiting to hear from the front office as we were also told that they would give us another blank jersey to replace the one they used.” … Georgia Tech wore their new 2011 jerseys to the ACC Kickoff event, which look very similar to the 2009 jersey.

Here are some aerial photos of the Florida Marlins’ new stadium (Michael Niekamp). The Colts recently signed Chad Spann and he tweeted this picture of his new helmet. Here’s a shot of the 2010 version for reference (Britton Thomas). Here’s some more information on that Detroit Tigers Zubaz pant promotion (Dan Cichalski). It appears Boise State won’t be able to wear all blue at home next year (Kyle Tarbet). German heritage night is coming up in Milwaukee – here’s a look at the bobbleheads the Brewers will be giving out (Geoff Poole). Is system-of-the-dress coming to Major League Baseball or is Barry Zito’s jersey just out of whack?

Some had very little thought given to them (how do you feel about that one, Jim Thome?