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Kabod online dating system

Eom Jae Won: The "Criminal System" is one of the core systems in Kabod Online, which allows players to choose to commit crimes or not.In the game, players can not only kill others, but also loot the items of the killed characters and thus become criminals.

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To dig out more info about Kabod Online, an MMORPG characterized by abundant adult elements, the South Korean game media have recently done an interview with Eom Jae Won, CEO of Kabod Online's developer - Kabod Entertainment."We wish to make a 'stimulating' game to adults' taste."Interviewer: What kind of game is Kabod Online on earth?The extent of "body contact" depends on the game's particular operating area.Status: Released Kabod Online is a wild and sexy MMO.| 1.55 GB There are many things which set this game apart from others.One thing that stands out is that the game promotes Pking via the 'crime system'.In Kabod Online, players can do quests to improve the intimacy with the NPC of the opposite sex.

When the intimacy degree reaches a certain level, the related NPC will endow players with certain buff effects or have "body contact" with them.

Can you give us a brief introduction about this system? armors) in Kabod Online have certain durability, and will be damaged differently as their durability decreases by 30%, 60% and 100%.

The "Cloth Ripping System" applies to not only the in-game characters but also the monsters."We wish to make a 'stimulating' game to adults' taste."Interviewer: What kind of game is Kabod Online on earth?

Kabod Online is a new +18 MMO, that shows, as you might guess, nude parts or let us say some x-rated stuff.

Kabod Online comes with some simple and common game mechanics, like some Enchantments, PK -System, Backpacks, etc..

But there are also some new parts, like the "Armor Destroy System" that shows damaged armor after a lot of fights, showing some scratches of monsters or shredded clothes.