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K frame dating

38 special ammunition was cheaper and most departments had plenty on hand.

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After much experimenting with various steels a blend capable of handling the pressures involved was created.These problems weren’t considered a big deal with owners at the time.Not that many people shot 357’s all the time anyway.Even today I wouldn’t feel out gunned carrying it for protection. This load is rated at a 97% one-shot stop if you do your part.This particular example is a 19-2 that dates it between 19.No I’m not kidding☺ Not a chance of that these days but it was a different time.

Anyway, the judge would write an order releasing the gun to the officer who then presented it to the property officer who logged it out. You would be surprised at how many officers got new duty guns in this way.

If there was ever a perfect revolver it was the S&W model 19.

A revolver in medium weight that has excellent handling, fires a powerful cartridge with wonderful accuracy. The .357 cartridge was created by Winchester for S&W in the 1930’s and used in the “N” frame S&W.

The first were sold in 1957 and renamed the model 19.

The standard models were 4 inch barreled with 2-½ inch barreled models coming out a bit later.

I placed it in the property room and went through all the usual court proceedings checking it out and back in each time for my court appearances.