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Jupiter research dating

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Jammeh is calling for another poll, putting a right damper on national celebrations.These wild and crazy times come as the looming T-Square of judicial Jupiter, jack-in-the box Uranus and power hungry Pluto comes close to reforming in the heavens. It was the time when Maximilien Robespierre ordered a short back and sides for King Louis XVI of France.

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Thankfully, the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square is a rare occurrence.He was eventually being put on trial for fraud amounting to the equivalent of six million pounds. Before it was again due for hearing, Stavisky was found dead, with two bullet wounds to the head. But news of government involvement in the scandal, led to rioting in the streets.They forced the French Prime Minister, Camille Chautemps, to resign, precisely on the T-Square of January 27 1934.I lament serious and unacceptable abnormalities which have reportedly transpired during the electoral process." Shades of the USA?Recounts and allegations of irregularities and even Russian interference.Ever noticed how the job security of national leadership has been taking a battering lately.

The South Korean President Park Geun-hye was impeached Friday by the nation’s National Assembly.

Watch out for this around December the 19th when Jupiter and Uranus complete the first of three oppositions, Mercury heads into reverse gear and fiery Mars changes from universal Aquarius into sacrificial Pisces. This will set the scene for a political roller coaster right through until April 2017, with late February and early March the climax. When the guillotine fell at 10.22 am January 21 1793, the T-Square was active.

The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square brings political insurrections. Robespierre was born with Jupiter and Pluto together in square to Uranus.

The cause of the unrest was a mysterious suicide and a political scandal that ran all the way to the top.

The supposed suicide was Alexandre Stavisky, a Polish Jew, whose parents had migrated from the Ukraine.

There are some though who believe in vehemently bucking the trend.