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Worse yet, your friend many not have that channel wherever they are in the world.

My next project is to continue adding new videos and tutorials to my new Premium package, and of course to continue with my massive book tour! Do your friends, family or significant other live far away from you?More importantly; would you like to be able to do things with those special people despite being so far away from them?It may be hard to believe because I seem so outgoing now–and I am!–but I had to overcome a lot to get to the point where I am now, where I can gladly walk up to a stranger and proceed to make an ass out of myself in their language considering I’ve just started to learn it.They can’t bring your partner closer, but maybe they can help make it feel like they are. Your partner, friend of family member is coming to see you but you’re all in knots & butterflies because they just haven’t arrived yet!

These websites will help you to track down where your guest is and how long it will be before they arrive. Sometimes we just don’t want to have to wait until a tv show or tv movie special is uploaded to the network’s website so that we can watch it together with a friend.

Distance doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same online!

These classes can be taken together, with other people or alone (and are pretty darn creative if you ask us!

You can talk to them and even see them in real time while browsing the web together, playing a game together, listening to music or just hanging out. Watch Videos Together | Sing Together | Listen To Music Together | Listen To Live Radio Together Write Together | Browse Websites Together | Touch Each Other From Afar | Smell Through The Web Learn a Language Together | Voice Chat Online | Text Chat Online | Draw Together Live Exercise Together Online | Take A Guided Tour | Watch The World Together | Track Your Travels Watch Concerts Live Together | Watch Live TV Together | Take a Class Together in Real Time Play with Animals Online | Read Books Together | Watch The Sky Together | Watch Live Animals Share Files in Real Time | Shop Together via Webcam | Learn To Code Together Practice Coding Together | Make Music Together Online | Take Multiplayer Quizzes Together Play Games Together Online | Video Chat Together Watching videos together online is an easy, typical way that most in long distance relationships are able to quickly spend time together.

Using the services below means that it will take no time at all to grab a show, invite a friend and spend some quality time together no matter where you are. If you and your friend, family member or sweetheart are into singing and dancing and having a generally good time together, you’ll love the websites below!

This is a list of over 130 things to do together online: websites, applications, browsers, smartphone/tablet apps and more that will allow you to do things with the people you care about online as if they were right next to you.