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I spell it with the hyphen but it is the same thing.] Eudora stores e-mails in a format very similar to the long used standard Unix mbox format.

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One can use a text editor, a word processor, a special program or a single-line scripting-language program to do that.' field in the message list often uselessly shows one's own e-mail address instead of the address one sent to or received from.[Spelling note to please search engines: This page is anent email.I have not tried copying e-mails the other way, from Eudora to Kmail, but the free program Eudora2Unix looks like it will do the job of mbox corrections automatically.It is available from the Eudora2Unix project pages on Sourceforge.When listing the e-mails in a mailbox, Eudora conveniently merges the '' address for sent as well as received e-mails so one cannot tell to whom one sent e-mails from the listing as they all labelled just as being from oneself.

The reason for this is that Eudora does not compare the ' Removing the attachments from mbox files before transfer can be tedious as no GNU/Linux e-mail clients I have found have allowed editing of either received or sent e-mail (although not only Eudora but even the notorious M$ Outlook can do it on Win32) so it needed a cumbersome & risky editing of the mbox file in a text editor.

However I found (just after having wasted time writing a simpler version myself! 'Delatt' is a Perl program that will remove (or extract) attachments from mbox & maildir mailboxes.

It is available from the Delatt's author's website and the Delatt Freshmeat project pages.

As of version 2.0, mailboxes are converted directly and the import in is not needed any more.

Eudora Mailbox Cleaner is a simple drag'n'drop application which provides easy one-step migration for your messages and other mail related data.

It is best to do it before merging the mailboxes to avoid the risk of a too unspecific search & replace job replacing the line feeds (or carriage returns) in that are already in carriage return line feed pairs as well as those intended.