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Dub fx and flower fairy dating

At the start of his career he was singing in a local alternative rock and rapcore band initially known as Twitch, which would later change its name to N. Dub FX first met her in Manchester, after which she joined him on his travels around the globe to busk for the public. In 2004 they released a debut and the only album Exeunt Omnes.

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Dub FX's lyrics address both general world events and contemporary angst, while suggesting individual-based revolution through self-determination and engagement.Flower Fairy would usually be seen selling CDs during Dub FX's performances or on stage alongside Stanford when they perform several tracks together.She is also featured singing on tracks from Everythinks A Ripple, Wandering Love, Flow, and Time Will Tell.As for a live vocal microphone, currently he favours the RØDE M1 mic, however at the heart of his recording studio lies the Soundelux U195 condenser microphone.The first ever Athens appearance of the international phenomenon himself: DUB FX w/ FLOWER FAIRY Convoy Un Ltd, // St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia (Benjamin Stanford) is a worldwide street performer and studio recording artist from St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.Two songs from Everythinks A Ripple, Flow, and Wandering Love, feature a street saxophonist named Mr.

Woodnote, who also uses similar looping techniques as Dub FX, using a saxophone.

and by 2010 together they released the album titled Dub FX and Sirius - A Crossworlds. Dub FX is also part of the dubstep act Kila Mega Giga Tera, the other half being Glade Kettle (Distro)(aka Sirius).

To date they have released one song on Aquatic Lab Sessions Volume 1, a CD and limited edition vinyl compilation released in 2009.

He also addresses issues of social importance, the most notable example being the song Society's Gates, loosely based on the life of the philosopher Socrates.

Dub FX started off with a Boss GT-6 multi-effects pedal which he then traded up for the GT-8, and now uses a Boss GT-10B bass guitar effects pedal for nearly all the effects used over his voice.

On stage he uses a DR-880 Rhythm Machine for some songs.