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Diner dating

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We started off the night with a bottle of red and two starters, the lobster tempura and the wagyu beef nigiri.The lobster was pricier than I would normally shell out for a starter, but we both agreed it was well worth it, flavourful with a flaky tempura coating.

Others, however, disagreed, instead siding with what they thought was tradition and a man being a gentleman. ' To which Brian replied 'yep' and Mary said nothing at all.Later, speaking to the camera, Mary said: 'Not to offer and say I’ll pay, and then wait for me to say we’ll go halves… Fuming.'In front of Brian, she later said: 'Well, I thought Brian was very nice but, umm, I think you should have offered to pay the bill.'The couple went their separate ways and a chance of a second date seemed unlikely.The acts were timed perfectly in between meals, leaving my date and I plenty to talk about: Which act is your favourite so far?How much practice do you think it takes to do that?Both were beautifully presented and the cod was complemented well with a sweet miso sauce.

Of course, I can never resist dessert and went for the passion fruit cheesecake while my date had the churros with vanilla poached peach.

, Luke has resisted all of them, including most Town Meetings and the War Re-enactments.

Though Luke expresses animosity towards town events, it is evident that he cares for the town and never has huge ambitions to leave.

Who else is bored of your stereotypical “dinner and a movie” first date?

Dinner at an average diner followed by a typical blockbuster crowd-pleaser because you don’t know each other well enough to suggest a niche movie or activity.

My cheesecake came with some lovely berry coulis sauce and half of a fresh passion fruit, but the bit that surprised me was a hidden pocket of passion fruit sauce in the middle of the cheesecake. Overall, my date and I had a great time, despite not knowing each other well.