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Delphi dating scammer

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A civil lawsuit is merely an allegation and defendants are not liable until the court enters a judgment in a case.

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Consumers who receive checks relating to “Your Yellow Book” and have questions can contact Gilardi & Co. Sometimes the FTC noted that first contact with the fraudster is through an advertisement sent by mail, fax, or e-mail that asks the company to “verify” or “confirm” its contact information for a free listing service or a free social networking page.The Charlevoix non-profit said it believed the mailing was an official state form and their office initially responded to what looked like a request from the state Division of Corporate Services Inc.But after returning the form and the money, the foundation realized the scam and canceled the sent check.“However, they still received a packet that included what claimed to be minutes from their annual shareholders meeting.The forms being sent look legitimate, the wording sounds official and diligent employees handling the grunt work at a small business can be a little too eager to get every bill paid.Some of these so-called invoices and requests are nothing but rip-offs.The state’s suit seeks $150 refunds for all Michigan businesses that responded to the mailing.

The civil lawsuit involves the “Division of Corporate Services Inc.” and its officers Chad Davis, Joshua Strawn and Tate Howe and seeks to stop them from operating in the state of Michigan.

and are told to deposit or cash the checks within 60 days of the mailing date.

The amount of the check would vary based on the loss.

The foundation does not have shareholders or an annual meeting,” Schuette’s office noted in its news release.

Other companies or nonprofits that filed complaints included the Michigan Education Scholarship Foundation in Petoskey, Paws of Hope in Stevensville, Healthsource Surgical Supply in Troy, and Adopting a Waiting Child in Holland.

The Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula warned recently that scammers have been sending letters in the mail with labels such as “Notice of Compliance Violation” or “Certificate of Good Standing Request Form.”The fees for some of these deals are about $125 or $150, nothing too outrageous.