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(He was the last one cast and had little time to prep).“I wanted to zip my tongue around it, so I looked up decadence, dandyism, sublimation, as it relates to literature,” he said. Before, homosexuality was something refined, hidden, sublimated, aspiring to be the highest forms of expression and often achieving them.

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In fact, Stillman hopes to pair the two actors in his next project.And this isn’t an instance of just telling a polite fib to protect someone’s feelings, or a little fib about your age.What Stillman is championing is reinvention, that you can present how you’d like to be seen.That’s because his character Fred proposes that the topic of his paper will be “The Decline of Decadence”: “Take the flit movement in literature, or homosexuality. Now it just seems to be a lot of muscle-bound morons running around in T-shirts.It’s pretty disillusioning.” Violet then asks him, “Are you gay? “He has the same manager as I do, that’s how.” “The part I’m playing is so different,” Becker enthused. “Violet’s theory that you should date losers, that you shouldn’t date on your level is mostly a rationalization,” Brody said.

But he doesn’t like talking about it.” Boys like Xavier contribute to a theory espoused by the lead character Violet (played by Greta Gerwig) — that falling for handsome and intelligent guy is a sure path to suicide. Violet and her college friends try to date the less handsome (such as Metcalf’s Frank) or the less intelligent (such as Magnusson’s Thor), or as she puts it, the “frankly inferior,” but she still feels herself strangely drawn to the suave Charlie (played by Brody).

She says she likes me and who knows where we’ll go, then says we’ll only ever be friends but keeps moving the goal posts.

I’ve told her ill still be there when she’s ready, how can I help her stop with the losers? Age isn’t an issue to her, she kinda likes older guys.

I like her a lot , but she doesn’t know what she wants.

She was in a 20 year relationship and she’s starting to live a little and have some fun.

” “Not especially, but in another era, it would have had more appeal. “I even asked Whit for a reading list,” Brody said.