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Dating the universe

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“It was like we had literally put out in the universe, ‘This is what I want. ’ and it went, ‘Okay, here you go,’ ” Patricia says, laughing.Over the next few weeks, they saw each other frequently, going to concerts and dance clubs and driving around Rock Creek Park.

But after the landmark Supreme Court decision in June 2015 that affirmed same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, they felt lucky and privileged to be able to share the wedding with their loved ones when, where and how they wanted.Things progressed rapidly, and, by the end of June, Patricia had invited Renee to a family brunch at her parents’ house in Washington the weekend of her sister’s wedding. “Like it just made sense.” Shortly after the move, Patricia’s father, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist William Raspberry, asked, or rather insisted, that Patricia invite Renee to dinner with the family and his close friends at his home in Washington.“Renee’s in the kitchen, rolling up her sleeves and helping out with everything,” Patricia says. ’ ” In December, Renee flew to Chicago, helped Patricia pack up her cats and her belongings, and moved her into her home in Washington. Hours later, after a night of laughter and good conversation, Patricia found herself getting emotional.Four months later, they were engaged.] In March 2014, during a three-week trip to Bali for Patricia’s 45th birthday, Renee proposed.Not wanting to risk losing the engagement ring, she presented Patricia with a makeshift, sand-grass ring at Kuta Beach.They were shocked at how similarly they approached life — religion, careers, even music. We really feel it, in the same moment, the same sound,” Patricia says.

“We will listen to a song and at the very same beat, we’ll both just go, ‘Mmm.’ I mean, it happens so often now, we just laugh.” They each left with the other’s number, and a feeling of hope and confidence.

And, as she suspected, the connection and chemistry between Renee and Patricia was immediate and palpable.

Renee says she knew then and there that she would marry Patricia, if given the chance. “When she spoke, and this deep voice came out of this beautiful face, I started getting dizzy and physically became clumsy.” (That’s not an exaggeration.

“And at one point, I see she’s carrying a plate of cobbler. “I got in the car and started crying,” she recalls.

“I remember thinking, ‘This is what I always wanted and at one point I thought I might never have it.’ ” She stopped the car, ran back into the house and gave her father a huge hug.

Soon, they were spending every Sunday night at Patricia’s parents’ house.