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Dating someone who takes prozac

keep hope and stay positive i'm sure you will be ok i've been in battle with depression for 18 years.i recently started seeing a therapist and ive taken prozac.

Is the medication actually going to make him feel happy?but he really needs to get out to stuff to make him happy!!!!because i have been told if you are not happy, then everyone around you will not be happy til you are happy!!!!any advice would be welcome Here is a suggestion: Find an opportunity and try moving into his place temporarily, so he doesn't feel lonely at anytime.This will help him mainly to get over his past experiences/whatever was bothering him, as well as help you in seeing improvements in him with your presence. Source: One of my friend's relationship improved this way. I fell in love with a lady who suffers from depression.the prozac made me feel like a zombie at first (dont feel happy or sad) then my body got used to the drug and i started feeling depressed again. i got off the prozac because i felt like it was a waist, but therapy is great...talking to someone about your problems.

Depression is like herpes you keep it for a life time and it comes and goes. you know how he is when he's depressed are you able to handle it. it seems mean, but you have to be strong enough to deal with it or it will bring you down and thats not good.

What can I expect from dating someone with depression?

If you really like the guy, then give it a chance to see what happens...

So, my question is: What is in my future for dating him? There seems to be more bad days then there are good. but since I just started seeing him, I don't even know what to expect from this new medication?

Is he just going to be like a zombie walking around without emotions?

I tried my best to cheer him up (without knowing what he was suffering from), but it never worked.