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Dating psychos complaints

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They are professionals and have a life like anybody else and deserve privacy, consideration and respect like any other person.I'm not a fan of k-pop, but this was a really interesting story!

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Not just this episode..quality of this podcast is declining, which is sad. there's a lot of corruption as well with law enforcement bribes paid by the labels.I listened to this episode when it came out and was looking it up to recommend when I saw the negative comments.I never though of Radiolab as a science podcast, so those criticisms are just odd. Your own personal black ocean awaits all because you failed to understand the concept of jumping the shark Interesting segment but to suggest that politics is off limits because of fear stemming from SK's recent past as a military dictatorship is inaccurate.And hearing some of my favorite music during the broadcast was amazing! I'm surprised, however, that the story (especially during the segment with the UCSB academic's description of the otherworldliness of the stars' appearance) didn't mention at all the overwhelming prevalence of cosmetic surgery in K-pop stars (and by extension the Seoul community). It's safe to assume that the middle aged, American hosts are like 99.9% of their peers and have no idea what k-pop is. The hosts seemed to be very ignorant and a little racist in this podcast. Plus they have this annoying radio intro they always play at the start of each episode, it's unnecessary, and that one host sounds like a kid. This episode was NOT up to the standard I would expect from this podcast.It would have added some more gravity to understanding the way that the stars are socially and physically 'constructed'[email protected] Dargo. I could not care less about the awful birth of paparazzi in South Korea and k-pop kid-music.Also why no mention that the ex-boyfriend was Daniel Lee, owns the company that owns allkpop?

He claims he wasn't the source of the leak and was only calling to pretend to offer to sale the photos to gauge interest, all that seems highly implausible to me.

Somewhat annoying if you listened to the story on the radio and want to follow up on the story. These kind of people obsessing with them (what they eat, wear, talk, date etc) should go into psychological treatment, this is a sickness, nothing else.

The "fans" need to put into their heads that they do not own these artists, they do not have any right to bitch around because this or that artist is dating anyone, eating anything or talking anything that the "fans" (psychos really) do not approve.

K-pop is a global juggernaut - with billions in sales and millions of fans hanging on every note, watching K-pop idols synchronize and strut.

And that fame rests on a fantasy, K-pop stars have to be chaste and pure, but also … Until recently, Korean music agencies and K-pop fans held their pop stars to a strict set of rules designed to keep that fantasy alive. Taking a cue from American and British paparazzi, a group of South Korean reporters started hiding in their cars and snapping photos of stars on their secret dates.

I understand wanting to know more about people whose work they admire.