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] It really just started with me being in Los Angeles, knowing that I wanted to write.I had been watching some reality TV at the time and was concentrating on what would happen if one of these wealthy families would lose everything.

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I turned to my dad, because I felt like he had such a lovely comedic sensibility that's so unique—you can feel it in all the Christopher Guest movies that he wrote with him.But I can tell you that there is something to potentially spoil.David is a very shut-down person, and it takes a long time for him to get to a place that is comfortable enough to get to where we're discussing right now.Because you never know who's going to go from being a PA on a show to an executive on the network.It was always strange when people came in and there was a bad energy around them. It was a very interesting look into the back world of junkets and the whole celebrity press-tour thing. We were brought on to provide some, I guess, comic relief from the morning news broadcast.Then when you go back out into the acting world, having been away from it for eight years, auditioning is a difficult task. I think we both are very impatient people when it comes to things that we know are right and wrong.

I would express myself in a slightly more gentlemanly fashion than David would.

I think NPR had to spell it out before they could say it.

But the funny thing is, the family within the show would totally agree with everything people are saying. I can't tell you, because that would be spoiling something.

I would argue that my mom is even funnier than my dad. My sister and I learned what comedy was through my dad, and through friends of the family that we've had. David is just such a bizarre character, and the more we started writing, the more I knew I could really bite into it.

I did theater and a lot of improv all through school, and when I got my job at MTV, my career path sort of took me away from what I was really interested in. It was a really nice pairing, he and I.] He has a complete disregard for just any type of social code.

just put something out with my dad and I yesterday: Who wore it better? It didn't pan out, and there were a few other instances of people who had purchased towns for fun, because why not, if you have a couple million to throw around? We thought, well, what if this family, as a joke for the son's 16th birthday, found this town called Schitt's Creek, bought it as a joke because of the name and then ended up having to live there?