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Consolidating computer wiring

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It not only looks bad but allot of the time it prohibits airflow increasing internal case temp and causing your PC to run inefficiently..That is why I always suggest getting rid of them pesky extra fan connectors whenever possible.

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For most corporations, workforce flexibility is a strategic asset in today's dynamic, highly competitive global economy.It is important to always read carefully the documentation and make sure you use the proper connectors in the proper place..Just because the look the same doesn't mean they are..What you need to do from the 20-pin motherboard Mole connector take a wire or a dual mail Molex piece and bridge or short out the PC_ON and the Ground wires. An alternative for those not comfortable with wiring is to buy a jumper made specifically for this task they are very inexpensive but considering what they are they should be.. This is useful for checking out drivers or devices without contaminating a system or requiring the us of an existing PC..We use this all the time to test fan's and lights..Lets start this article with a list of the most common connectors you will find in a PC..

Then we can expand and discuses just how to make cables and convert voltages and uses.

Most of the wring we will be dealing with are basic PC AC/DC power from an ATX style power supply..

Most ATX power supplies come with one of two power connections for you motherboard.

One way of hiding and consolidating your wire problems is with a fan bus.

A fan bus also provides multiple extra ports for the serious Over Clocker or gamer to add some extra air flow. Take a bunch of wire ends make a series of connectors and run a current threw them.

Note that some fans will come with two or three wires the third wire is a sensor wire used to evaluate performance and in some situation regulate the voltage running to the fan...