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He pulls off “the perfect crime” by successfully stealing $2,660,527.62 from a Boston bank FOR FUN.

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Mc Queen plays Thomas Crown, a wealthy businessman who robs banks on the side because he gets bored.Rothenberg is also a natural salesperson, and, as such, quickly evolved his pitch for Rothenberg from yet another seed-stage fund to a thought-leading outfit willing to make big bets on virtual reality before most people in Silicon Valley saw it as a major opportunity.Indeed, by late 2014, Rothenberg Ventures — whose more garden-variety bets include the clothing company Chubbies and the floral delivery startup Bloom That — announced it was launching a startup accelerator, River, that planned to provide $100,000 in seed funding to virtual reality companies expressly.Among its bets was FOVE, which makes an eye-tracking head-mounted display and went on to raise an $11 million Series A round earlier this year.But employees say that as the firm grew, so too did Rothenberg’s spending, and not merely on their paychecks.We’re on board with that idea, which is why we’ve updated our Orange is the New Black collection on e Bay, full of lots of great citrus-hued clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Rothenberg Ventures, the four-year-old, San Francisco-based seed-stage venture firm, may be on the brink of implosion, say several sources close to the firm.

Rothenberg, an Austin native who says he comes from humble means — “no one in my family has any money,” he once told us — was smart enough to nab undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford, then bootstrap a real estate fund with his brother before moving on to Harvard to secure an MBA.

Soon afterward, inspired by business leaders he had met while at Stanford, Rothenberg planted himself in San Francisco and got down to the business of trying to shake up the stodgy venture industry.

Step one involved raising a $5 million fund from “friends, family, and former roommates,” as reported in a Bloomberg story about Rothenberg last year. In 2012, the market was in the middle of a three-year upswing, following the financial crisis of late 2008.

Some newer faces were also beginning to gain prominence in the venture industry, along with the trust of so-called limited partners — the individuals and institutions that fund venture firms.

Mc Queen’s on-screen lady is the Academy Award-winning beauty Faye Dunaway AKA the OG Bonnie from the 1967 classic Bonnie and Clyde.