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Christian dating frustration

Eventually, the “big news” traveled around the whole church.

It does not matter what a man’s persuasion is – rich or not, from the South, North, Westside or up North, married or single, black, white, Latino, Asian, African, and it certainly does not matter if he is a Christian or not – everyman is susceptible to either those passing or the long term bouts with “sexual frustration”.he older I get as a “single again” Christian woman, the more I notice a peculiar trend that I can’t quite account for: Christian men, by and large, don’t pursue women and ask them out on dates.Now, the sheer fact that there are Christian married couples out there seems to make hash of my observation – obviously, at some point these husbands had to pursue the women who eventually became their wives.Yet here at home, in our Christian singles groups, we can’t even get a guy to acknowledge us, let alone ask for a date.” Becky has a different complaint.She met a wonderful Christian man on the tennis court and got to know him gradually, over several months, until their casual friendship deepened into what she thought was something more.When he invited her over for dinner, she sparkled inside, sure he was taking their relationship to the next level.

After the second such dinner, the two of them watched a movie together on the sofa – enjoying an evening of laughter and innocent companionship. The guy “dropped off the face of the earth,” Becky said.

“So many guys are petrified of the idea of commitment, and of course there’s the whole issue of staying morally pure.

For a lot of guys, it’s easier to just avoid the whole thing.” “We didn’t date in the traditional sense of the word,” Bryan said.

To those who smother a guy too quickly – or put pressure on him to act, or jump to conclusions when he does – I gently encourage a healthy dose of moderation.

For guys who are overly gun-shy, I encourage you to take a chance on a casual date (if you aren’t opposed to that philosophically) and keep it within safe boundaries.

Two weeks passed with no word from him, no friendly phone call – nada.