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"); return; } alert(Date.parse String(f.date1.value)After(Date.parse String(f.date2.value))); } function is Equal(f) { if (!rooms with voice and webcams make of the best places to meet and chat with Arab people to make Arabic friends from America , Canada, Australia, U.

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The whole idea of the tutorial is to dynamically validate the data and display the results when the user is typing the same.However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone. There are hundreds of options for earning power, but cam chat is quite different from most high-yield Sex arab chat.I was searching the web for Java Script date validation code.Enter a format string in the input box and click the button to see the resulting output in an alert box.As it is indeed an Arab chat,but users tend to chat in English as well in the many available Arabic chat rooms.

Many chatters come from America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and other English speaking countries .

Valid(f.date2.value)) { alert("Date 2 is not a valid date or in a recognized format!

"); return; } alert(Date.parse String(f.date1.value)Before(Date.parse String(f.date2.value))); } function is After(f) { if (!

The smart way to do this is to (a) parse the date string with a regular expression, (b) construct a date object and (c) compare what you got out of the date object to what you put in.

Is there a way to stop people filling in date fields manually?

Arab chat is a fun chatting place for all Arabs,so relax and get ready to engage in the best Arabic chat available online. Registration enables you to use the vice and participate in the Arabic voice chat or webcam if you chose too.