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Capricorn dating

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Astrology might not be the most sciencey science around, but I identify perfectly with my sign’s ruling planet — I have the Saturn tattoo to prove it — and my goat spirit animal. We may be running around doing a million and one things, but trust us: there is a method to the madness.If you love a Capricorn, here’s how to go the distance with an ambitious, loyal, persistent and methodical someone who’s always got her eye on the prize — in this case, you! Plus we tend to like company, so if you can stick around for the pay-off, you’ll be well-rewarded. We are relentless in pursuit of what we want, and if you’re on that list, you’ll know it.2. I’m not talking about tropical vacations and big old diamonds — although yes, some of us like stuff — but it’s important that our partners dig integrity, accomplishment, and living a good life as much as we do.

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But don’t try to be cool or suave to impress her, because she’s not interested in playing games. Talk about her job and her interests, and play up any of your successes. Whether it’s a tin can or a corner office, we’ve got plans and dreams and the drive to make them come true.No matter the size of your paycheck, whatever your (intelligent, ambitious, cool) thing is, we like you to have it going on, too.We know we need it, we just don’t always care — or know how to stop.4. One of the perks of dating a Capricorn is that you will generally always hear the truth. As much as we want to let you be you, our honesty obsession isn’t always a crowd pleaser. So before you challenge us to Scrabble or suggest we pick opposite teams at game night, make sure your heart, your pride, and the relationship can take it. If our best friend has a newly broken heart, we show up with wine and ice cream. We are sensitive souls underneath it all, so if we’ve shown you our hearts, know they come with iron-clad loyalty and a valued spot on our team.One ex-boyfriend termed me the "Joy-Killer" when I brought up car repair bills in the guitar store where he had his eye on a fancy amp. Make sure you have us in the stands if you’re competing on your own, though. We’re at the family picnic and our nephew’s tee-ball game. We’ll love it — and know it — if you’re loyal right back.When he needed me to pick him up for work the very next day when his car wouldn’t start? No one will have a more vocal, or committed, cheering section than you do. Sometimes our commitments to friends and family can come before hanging out with you, so it helps if you're an independent spirit who appreciates our loyalty to all of the people we care about – including you, when it’s your turn, as it often is.

If you’re interested in the ambitious Capricorn woman, be ready to work as hard as she does to maintain a strong relationship.

Ruled by Saturn, these people can be strong, driven with a cool exterior.

Ruling the topmost house of the zodiac, the 10th house (Regnum - Kingdom), these folks want to be on the top of any project they undertake.

Scroll down to Step 1 to learn how you can best date a Capricorn man.

Attracting Your Mate Building the Relationship Complementing a Capricorn Personality Community Q&A Those born between December 22nd and January 20th fall under the sign of the Mountain Goat, an agile and tough animal which climbs it's way to the top.

We need something interesting to talk to you about when we finally stop working.3. Speaking of work, it’s a Capricorn obsession of sorts.