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Average online dating cost

The longer you sign up for, the lower the price you pay per month of using the service. Obviously using the promotion is something you will want to take advantage of when subscribing if you can.

The extra few dollars will also get you several additional features including notices when your emails are read and better visibility for your profile to other singles.You could choose to buy only a few of the services above with a basic account but this will end up costing you MORE money.For example, to purchase the Email Read Notification service with a basic account is $5 more a month versus the $2 more a month of just going with the Value plan.Second, is now offering value plans which include three of their optional services: The price increase is fairly small moving from the Standard pricing to the Value pricing.For example, the difference is $2 per month for the six month plan.For example, if you subscribe to for 3 months using the 20% promotion, you’re only spending $5 per week ($49.97 divided by 12 weeks).

It is my opinion that finding dates with other activities for less than this cost would be a tall order.

You can ensure there are people you are interested in communicating with before you subscribe.

Even knowing how much costs, you may struggle to decide that it’s worth your time and money.

First off, there is a one-month plan at but I had to look for it (when I was using it was more visible in the options).

When I most recently looked at the pricing, the one-month plan was at the bottom and was only a text link.

If you aren’t finding any dates, then the prices should appear very fair.