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Art intimidating life tattoo

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Chris Horishiki Brand and Drew Flores This piece shows the seventh and the eighth heroes to be completed in the story 108 Heroes of Los Angeles.

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Because that’s essentially what I am – I mean, I wear the work of Horitomo and Horitaka, and I do that proudly.While in the process of creating the depiction of Tornado on Drew’s back, he showed serious interest in the 108 Heroes project and the process I was using in retelling these stories.His potential for learning grew exponentially as we got to know each other.That’s what I wanted to stick with in terms of the design of the show.I think when you say the word “museum” you typically think the word “boring”. I think “museum” I think “sterile” and I think, stuff on walls with a bunch of academic jargon text below it, and that just drives me crazy.It is so visually dynamic, and so layered, and so rich when you think about mythology, and the thousands of years of tradition, and the folklore, and the regionalism.

And it almost becomes a new visual language that I think is very easy for a newcomer to come in a just gloss over and just not be able to look at it – it just becomes this wash of design.

And it was really, really hard to do, as a documentarian.

So I thought what I would do in this exhibition is include these other shots, these candids and these close-ups, because I think that for the newcomer, looking at Japanese tattooing can be really intimidating at times.

And as you see here, Shige’s gone past the middle line in an effort to maximize body space and coverage.

He’s essentially creating his own Japanese tattoo form.

To put it in perspective, I could photograph someone at twenty feet and zoom in to their pores and still be in focus – it’s a pretty, pretty phenomenal technical tool.