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Ante quem dating

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In 890 he was referred to as dux, marchio in 900, and dux Burgundionem in 918/921, later known as RICHARD , daughter of THIBAUT Comte de Chalon & his wife Ermentrude ---.

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He was banished to Septimania in [Apr 830] by the emperor's sons who rebelled against their father "Plantevelue" (Uzs 22 Mar 841-[20 Jun 885/16 Aug 886], maybe 6 Jan 886)."Heccardus comes" names "germani mei Bernardi" in his testamentary disposition dated to [Jan 876](-882 or 883).A document issued by Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks dated Nov 853 names "Pardulus episcopus, Altmarus, Theodacrus" as missi in "Lauduniso, Portiano, Suessonico, Urciso et Vadiro"He established himself in the future duchy of Burgundy, north of his brother's realm, with his capital at Autun.In particular, the following cartularies from monasteries in and around the duchy include many important details: Beaulieu The county of Autun is one of the first Burgundian counties to be mentioned in primary sources.The first recorded Comte d'Autun is Theoderic [I], whose origins are not known definitely but who was most probably related to the Carolingian family of Childebrand/Nibelung (see the document CAROLINGIAN NOBILITY).The first tier of nobility within the duchy of Burgundy acquired considerable local autonomy.

The counts of Mcon and Nevers contracted high profile marriages with many prominent families throughout France, as well as with the Burgundian ducal family.

He was invested as lay abbot of Saint-Symphorien by Carloman King of the East Franks in 880.

He succeeded his wife's uncle Hugues l'Abb as Comte d'Auxerre in 886.

He led the Carolingian army which besieged his brother King Boso at Vienne in 882.

The counties in Burgundy, except Mcon, submitted to him.

It is probable that all of these families were suzerains of the Burgundian comital families set out in this document.