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Amurri dating

At the time I got pregnant, I didn’t know her father very well.

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It didn’t bother me because the people I dated weren’t necessarily great father models.The actress had been told she may not be able to conceive because of her endometriosis When she fell in love with Tim, following various love affairs, including one with French director Louis Malle and Eva’s dad, she decided that if they didn’t marry ‘they wouldn’t take each other for granted’. Susan’s career flourished with further Best Actress Oscar nominations for her performances in Thelma And Louise, Lorenzo’s Oil, The Client and finally a win in 1995 for Dead Man Walking.‘I had my third child at 45, so I was a late mother,’ she says.‘As such, it was perfect for me because I wasn’t really interested in my career at that stage.I pretty much stayed with them unless the film was to be shot in New York [where Susan continues to live].‘I got it down to a science.I found a list the other day of the things I needed to take on location — what kind of nappies to get, to make sure there was no glass around and that they’d got Cheerios.She began questioning things when still in ankle socks and has never stopped.‘From the beginning I had so many questions,’ she says.

‘I didn’t buy the Catholic concept of Original Sin.

She had a tatoo which stands for: 'A new dawn, a new day' during filming to lift her spirits ‘I’m glad you caught that moment,’ she says.

‘I found it quite easy to feel that sense of being left out and how hard it can be sometimes to be generous to another person’s good memories when they exclude you.‘The kind of movies I like the most that are the hardest to do are films that are funny but have surprising moments like that in them.

Tim and I held hands and both of us walked her down the aisle.

It was quite serene and lovely.‘Any time you go through a transition, as long as everyone remembers to have the best interests of your children at heart, it forces you to perhaps behave better than you would.

That’s what life is like — those unguarded moments when something stirs you.