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Alexi laiho dating anyone

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Alexi "Wild Child" Laiho (born Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho; April 8, 1979) is a Finnish singer, composer, and guitarist.

The guitar comes in two finishes: black w/yellow stripe, white w/black stripe.Alexi has been featured on the cover of Young Guitar Magazine several times, as well as being on the cover of Guitar World along with master guitarists Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde. I would say it's the one and only Joe Satriani or that kid Alexi! "In April 2005 Laiho generated controversy in the metal community when, in an interview with Guitar World magazine, he referred to popular prog metal act Dream Theater as "super lame" going on to say "It's not even music; it's sports." The magazine also referred to Dream Theater as Laiho's "favorite whipping boys." In January 2006 issue of the same magazine, reader Brad Bailey asked "Why did you make those lame comments about Dream Theater in GW? But once you say something like that - which wasn't even too bad - in a magazine, all of a sudden you're the biggest dick on the earth. Laiho appears on Canadian thrash metal outfit Annihilator's 2007 album, Metal, as a guest, performing a guitar solo on the song "Downright Dominate".In January 2005 Rolling Stones interviewed Kirk Hammett of Metallica and the interviewer asked him "Who do you think is the best guitarist ever? You're a fine player, but comments like those just make people lose respect for you. In spring of 2009 Children of Bodom was forced to drop out of their North American "No Fear Energy Tour" when Laiho broke his wrist after falling out of his bunk when the tour bus took a sharp turn on April 26, 2009, after the show in Palladium Ballroom, Dallas TX.The US version guitars are a slightly different shape than what Alexi usually plays, as the RV shape is a copyrighted Jackson shape.So to avoid a lawsuit, ESP made the bottom horn slightly larger and also put in a cut-away to get to the higher frets, like a modified BC Rich Ironbird.His main hobby is cars; he was taught how to drive by his father at the age of 10.

Alexi owns a Pontiac Trans Am, a 1974 Dodge Monaco (license plate COB-79) and a Buick.

It's a bolt on, 25.5" Scale with the body made out of basswood, with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.

It features a Floyd Rose Licensed bridge and one EMG-ESP LH-301 bridge pickup.

All summer festival dates will go down as planned and remain unaffected by Alexi's injury.

In January 2003, ESP Guitars announced a line of Alexi Laiho Signature Models.

The band's discography includes two EP's, and two full-length albums.